Yichun University

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Yichun University
Motto Creativity, Development and Reform
Established 2000
Location Yichun, Jiangxi, P. R. China
Website http://www.ycu.jx.cn/

Yichun University (Chinese: 宜春学院; pinyin: Yíchūn Xuéyuàn) is located in Yichun, Jiangxi, People's Republic of China.


The provincial party committee approved Yichun University in the 10 June 1958 formally established. In March 1962 the province's colleges and universities adjustment of the meeting had decided to retain an area six Teachers College and the original name changed to the University Teachers College.In June 1962 Jiujiang University had withdrawn from the teachers college into the Yichun. In April 1964 the Office of the State Council of Culture and Education approved the withdrawal of Yichun Teachers College. In October 1977 the provincial party committee approved the Office of Jiangxi Normal University Yichun Branch changed to Yichun Normal School.On 25 April 1978 State Council approved the re-establishment of Yichun Teachers College. 20 June 1986, the College upgraded to the vice-formed unit.Yichun Teachers College, Yichun Academy of Medicine merged on 25 January 2000 which is approved by Ministry of National Education.


Yichun University is made up of 11 faculties. They are:

School of Humanities[edit]

1. Chinese Department
2. Political and Moral Education Department
3. Broadcasting and Journalism Department

School of Science[edit]

1. Mathematics Department
2. Physics Department
3. Chemistry Department

School of Engineering[edit]

1. Computer and Information-Engineering Department
2. Mechanical and Electrical Automate Department
3. Civil and Architecture Department
4. Biology and Environment Department

School of Agriculture[edit]

1. Agronomy Department
2. Horticulture Department
3. Animal and Aquatic Department

School of Medicine[edit]

1. General Medicine Department-The General Medicine Department has been offering The Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Degree in English Language since 2005.The degree is a 6 year long discipline including an internship done locally or in the students home country.The Medical School of Yichun University is listed in the I-med Faimer Directory of Medical Schools and The World Health Organizations Avicenna Directory,Which makes the International Medical Students eligible for but not limited to ECFMG certification,USMLE licensing,PMDC licensing and The Zambia Medical Association Licensure among other various African and International Medical Boards
2. Preventive Medicine
3. Cosmetic Department

School of Business and Law[edit]

1. Management Department
2. Economics Department
3. Law Department

School of Foreign Languages Studies[edit]

1. English Literature

School of Physical education[edit]

1. Physical Health & Rehabilitation
2. Physical Education (public Security)
3. Physical Education

School of Art[edit]

1. Music Department
2. Fine Art

School of Adult education[edit]

School of Vocational and Technical education[edit]

1. Foreign Languages Department
2. Medical Department
3. Computer Department
4. Economics Department
5. Art and Sports Department
6. Science and Technology Department

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