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Yictove was a poet born on 28 February 1946 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He worked as a performer, mentor and instructor in the United States and abroad, and was particularly active in New York City and New Jersey. He died on 29 July 2007 in Newark, New Jersey.[1]

Born Eugene Melvin Turk, Yictove was a proponent of rhymed poetry, who mentored high school students in New Jersey, including those at East Orange High School, performed as a poet in the schools courtesy of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, taught creative writing in public libraries and in the Safe Haven program/YMCA in East Orange, New Jersey, and directed poetry series in New York City's Knitting Factory. He also produced and hosted a poetry series on cable television in Newark.[2]

Yictove published two books, D.J. Soliloquy and Blue Print, and a CD, My Life, My Story. He was working on his third book before his death.[3]

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