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Yiddish Wikipedia is the Yiddish-language version of Wikipedia. It was founded on March 3, 2004,[1] and the first article was written November 28 of that year.

Current status[edit]

The Yiddish Wikipedia now has 14,111 articles. There are 27,309 registered users (including bots); 359 are active, including 3 administrators.

Like all Wikipedias it generates hits from Yiddish words typed in Google, with Wikipedia articles appearing at the top of the results for that word.

In accordance with the norms for the Yiddish language, it is written almost exclusively in Hebrew script, and not in Latin script.


The Yiddish Wikipedia reached 6000 articles on March 8, 2009. The 6000th article is יהושע העשיל תאומים-פרענקל, a rabbi. The 7000th article is חנינא סגן הכהנים, a page about the tanna Hanina Segan ha-Kohanim created on December 24, 2009.

Point of view[edit]

Combined, the different Hasidic groups form the largest Yiddish-speaking community in the world today. Most new articles are about Hasidic rabbis.[2]


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