Yilan Brick Kiln

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Coordinates: 22°38′30.9″N 120°17′06.0″E / 22.641917°N 120.285000°E / 22.641917; 120.285000

Yilan Brick Kiln
Built 1938
Location Yilan City, Yilan County, Taiwan
Industry Manufacturing
Products Brick
Defunct 1980s

The Yilan Brick Kiln (Chinese: 宜蘭磚窯; pinyin: Yílán Zhuānyáo) is a former brick manufacturing factory in Beijin Village, Yilan City, Yilan County, Taiwan.[1][2]


In 1831, Yilan established its first own brick klin due to the discoveries of sites around Yilan which has high viscosity clay, which was suitable for bricks making. The Yilan Brick Kiln was originally established as Chen He Cheng Kiln Factory. It was later changed to Yilan Brick Kiln and ended its operation in the 1980s. In 1999, the Yilan County Government planned to build residential buildings within the area. However, after various oppositions from the local residents, the kiln was finally preserved.


The kiln building is a rectangular shaped with a series of individual kilns. Each kiln can fire its own product and operate separately with exhaust holes connecting to each other with a unified exhaust pipe at the end. The kiln has a brick domed roof and a brick floor.


The building is accessible within walking distance north of Yilan Station of Taiwan Railways Administration.

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