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Yilan Line, Taiwan
km Station
Connecting to the Western Line
0.0 Badu
1.6 Nuannuan
Keelung City - New Taipei City border
3.9 Sijiaoting
8.9 Ruifang
Connecting to the Shenao Line
13.5 Houtong
16.0 Sandiaoling
Connecting to the Pingxi Line
19.6 Mudan
22.9 Shuangxi
28.3 Gongliao
32.0 Fulong
New Taipei City - Yilan county border
37.4 Shicheng
40.1 Dali
44.8 Daxi
49.4 Guishan
53.0 Wai-ao
56.6 Toucheng
58.8 Dingpu
62.9 Jiaoxi
67.6 Sicheng
71.3 Yilan
77.1 Erjie
78.3 Zhongli
80.1 Luodong
85.1 Dongshan
89.3 Xinma
90.2 Su-aoxin
Connecting to the North-Link Line
93.6 Su-ao
特等站, Special Station
一等站, Level 1 Station
二等站, Level 2 Station
三等站, Level 3 Station
簡易站, Simple Station
招呼站, "Called on" Station

The Yilan Line (Chinese: 宜蘭線; pinyin: Yilán Xiàn) is the northern section of the Eastern Line of the Taiwan Railway Administration in Taiwan. It has a length of 95 km.[1]


This railroad was completed in 1924. It was expanded to two tracks in the early 1980s. In 2000, it was electrified between Badu and Luodong. The remaining part was completed in 2003.


Train passing through the rural Sandiaoling Station
Station Name Transfers and Notes Location
Hanyu Tongyong Chinese
Badu 八堵 → Connecting to the Western Line Nuannuan District Keelung City
Nuannuan 暖暖
Sijiaoting Sihjiaoting 四腳亭 Ruifang District New Taipei City
Ruifang Rueifang 瑞芳 → Connecting to the Shenao Line
Houtong 侯硐
Sandiaoling 三貂嶺 → Connecting to the Pingxi Line
Mudan 牡丹 Shuangxi District
Shuangxi Shuangsi 雙溪
Gongliao 貢寮 Gongliao District
Fulong 福隆
Shicheng Shihcheng 石城 The easternmost train station in Taiwan Toucheng Township Yilan County
Dali 大里
Daxi Dasi 大溪
Guishan Gueishan 龜山
Wai'ao Wai-ao 外澳
Toucheng 頭城
Dingpu 頂埔
Jiaoxi Jiaosi 礁溪 Jiaoxi Township
Sicheng Sihcheng 四城
Yilan 宜蘭 Yilan City
Erjie 二結 Wujie Township
Zhongli Jhongli 中里
Luodong 羅東 Luodong Township
Dongshan 冬山 Dongshan Township
Xinma Sinma 新馬 Su'ao Township
Su'aoxin Su-aosin 蘇澳新 → Connecting to the North-Link Line
Su'ao Su-ao 蘇澳
  • The Shenao Line only runs freight service.

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