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Yin Zhuo (Chinese: 尹卓; born September 1945), is a rear admiral in the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy, and a committee member of the eleventh Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.[1]

Yin Zhuo is Han Chinese was born in September 1945 of father Yin Mingliang (尹明亮), a vice political commissar of the People's Liberation Army in Fuzhou, China.[1] Yin Zhuo is a member of the Communist Party of China. Yin was educated at the Université de Paris and the French Naval Academy.[2]

Yin Zhuo was the director of the consultative committee for the informatization of the Chinese Navy during the eleventh Chinese People's consultative conference.[3]

Yin Zhuo is most notable for statements that China should establish an offshore base in order to curtail piracy in Somalia.[2] In his capacity as researcher, Yin has accused the United States of sparking an arms race through its use of missile defence systems in the Asia-Pacific region, to the detriment of developing countries with limited budgets,[4] issued warnings over the firing of live rounds as a warning during the Diaoyu Islands dispute,[5] and contributed to the growing debate over the international use of the Arctic by reinforcing it as a universal common, over which sovereignty cannot be claimed.[6]


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