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A page from Ming dynasty woodcut printed edition of Yingya Shenglan

The Yingya Shenglan (simplified Chinese: 瀛涯胜览; traditional Chinese: 瀛涯勝覽; pinyin: yíngyá shènglǎn), written by Ma Huan, is a book about the countries visited by him over the course of the Ming treasure voyages led by Zheng He.

There is no known extant version of the original Yingya Shenglan.[1] However, copies of Ma's work have been preserved, even though these copies contain differences due to later editors.[2] These include the Jilu Huibian [紀錄彙編] version (1617),[a][1] the Guochao Diangu [國朝典故] version (between 1451 and 1644),[b][3] the Shengchao Yishi [勝朝遺事] version (1824),[c][4] and Zhang Sheng's so-called "rifacimento" (1522).[d][4]

Ma Huan served as an interpreter on the fourth, sixth, and seventh voyage.[5][6] Guo Chongli was Ma Huan collaborator on the Yingya Shenglan.[7] He personally participated in three of the expeditions.[7] These two gentlemen recorded their observations in notes, which were used to compose the Yingya Shenglan.[7]

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