Yunzhi, Prince Zhi

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Prince Zhi of the Second Rank
Tenure 1698–1708
Successor Hongfang
Born (1672-03-12)12 March 1672
Died 7 January 1735(1735-01-07) (aged 62)
Spouse Lady Irgen-Gioro
Lady Zhanggiya
Lady Wuya
Lady Guan
Lady Qian
Lady Ruan
Lady Guo
Lady Jin
Lady Fan
Lady Wang
Lady Gao
Lady Li
Lady Chao
Issue Hongyu
5 other unnamed sons
14 daughters
Full name
Aisin-Gioro Yinti (愛新覺羅·胤禔)
Aisin-Gioro Yunti (愛新覺羅·允禔)
House Aisin Gioro
Father Kangxi Emperor
Mother Consort Hui
Chinese 胤禔
Chinese 允禔

Yinzhi (12 March 1672 – 7 January 1735), also known as Yunzhi, formally known as Prince Zhi of the Second Rank between 1698 and 1708, was a Manchu prince of the Qing dynasty.


Yinzhi was born in the Aisin Gioro clan as the fifth son of the Kangxi Emperor. His mother was Consort Hui (惠妃) from the Nara clan. As the Kangxi Emperor's first four sons died prematurely, and Yinzhi was the emperor's eldest son to survive into adulthood, he was designated by his father as "First Prince" (大阿哥). In 1698, he was granted a junwang (second-rank prince) title as "Prince Zhi of the Second Rank" (多羅直郡王).

Yinzhi participated in the Qing Empire's campaign against Galdan Boshugtu Khan of the Zunghar Khanate. In 1708, the Kangxi Emperor removed Yinreng from his position as Crown Prince. The emperor regarded Yinzhi highly so he placed Yinreng under Yinzhi's custody. Yinzhi had long harboured the intention of seizing the succession to the throne, so he used the opportunity to urge his father to execute Yinreng, but his father became extremely displeased. Later, Yinzhi's third brother, Yinzhi (胤祉), spread rumours accusing the First Prince of using sorcery to overthrow Yinreng from his Crown Prince position. The Kangxi Emperor believed the rumours and was so furious with Yinzhi (First Prince) that he called his son a "treacherous subject" and stripped him off his princely title and placed him under house arrest.

When the Kangxi Emperor died in 1722, his fourth son, Yinzhen, succeeded him and became historically known as the Yongzheng Emperor. Yinzhi changed his name to "Yunzhi" to avoid naming taboo because the Chinese character for "Yin" (胤) in "Yinzhi" is the same as the one in the Yongzheng Emperor's personal name "Yinzhen" (胤禛). Yunzhi died in 1734 and was given a funeral befitting that of a beizi.


  • Lady Irgen-Gioro (伊爾根覺羅氏), Yunzhi's primary consort, daughter of Ke'erkun (科爾坤), bore Hongyu, and Yunzhi's first four daughters
  • Lady Zhanggiya (張佳氏), Yunzhi's second primary consort, daughter of Zhang Haoshang (張浩尚), bore Hongwei, Hongyao, Yunzhi's eighth son, and Yunzhi's eighth daughter
  • Secondary consorts and concubines:
    • Lady Wuya (吳雅氏), daughter of Baqina (巴奇納), bore Yunzhi's tenth son and fifth daughter
    • Lady Guan (關氏), daughter of Mase (麻色), bore Yunzhi's fifth son
    • Lady Qian (錢氏), bore Honghan
    • Lady Ruan (阮氏), daughter of Yatu (雅圖), bore Hongdi
    • Lady Guo (郭氏), daughter of Guo Yong (郭永), bore Yunzhi's ninth son, Hongtong, and Yunzhi's ninth, tenth, 11th, 12th and 14th daughters
    • Lady Jin (晉氏), daughter of Dase (達色), bore Yunzhi's 11th son, Hongming, and Yunzhi's 13th daughter
    • Lady Fan (范氏), daughter of Erge (二格), bore Hongtun
    • Lady Wang (王氏), daughter of Wang Zhong (王忠), bore Hongfang
    • Lady Gao (高氏), daughter of Gao Dengke (高登科), bore Hongxiang
    • Lady Li (李氏), daughter of Li Haoshan (李浩山), bore Yunzhi's sixth daughter
    • Lady Chao (晁氏), bore Yunzhi's seventh daughter
  • Hongyu (弘昱; 1696–1718), Yinzhi's eldest son, had no children
  • Hongfang (弘昉; 1704–1772), Yinzhi's second son, held the title of a feng'en zhenguo gong
  • Hongwei (弘暐; 1705–1710), Yinzhi's third son
  • Hongyao (弘曜; 1707–1710), Yinzhi's fourth son
  • Fifth son, unnamed, died prematurely
  • Honghan (弘晗; 1708–1755), Yinzhi's sixth son
  • Hongdi (弘旳; 1708–1741), Yinzhi's seventh son
  • Eighth son, unnamed, died prematurely
  • Ninth son, unnamed, died prematurely
  • Tenth son, unnamed, died prematurely.
  • 11th son, unnamed, died prematurely
  • Hongxiang (弘晌; 1717–1780), Yinzhi's 12th son, held the title of a feng'en jiangjun
  • Hongtong (弘晍; 1722–1759), Yinzhi's 13th son
  • Hongming (弘明; 1732–1806), Yinzhi's 14th son
  • Hongtun (弘旽; 1732–1805), Yinzhi's 15th son
  • Eldest daughter, held the title of a junzhu
  • Second daughter, held the title of a junzhu
  • Third daughter, held the title of a xianjun
  • Fourth daughter, held the title of a xianjun
  • Fifth daughter, held the title of a xianjun
  • Sixth daughter, died prematurely
  • Seventh daughter
  • Eighth daughter, held the title of a xianjun
  • Ninth daughter, held the title of a xianjun
  • Tenth daughter, held the title of a xianjun
  • 11th daughter, died prematurely
  • 12th daughter, died prematurely
  • 13th daughter, held the title of a junzhu
  • 14th daughter, held the title of a xianjun


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