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Type of site
metasearch engine
Available in English
Owner Yippy, Inc. Ft. Myers, Florida
Created by Carnegie Mellon University researchers
Website yippy.com
Alexa rank Negative increase 117,450 (Feb. 2016)[1]
Clusty Wii.PNG
Screenshot of Clusty's Wii interface with the query "apricots"
Website clusty.com

Yippy (formerly Clusty) is a metasearch engine developed by Vivísimo which offers clusters of results.


Clusty was developed by Vivísimo. Vivísimo is a company built on Web search technology developed by Carnegie Mellon University researchers, much like Lycos was a decade earlier. Clusty added new features and a new interface to the previous Vivisimo clustering web metasearch. Different tabs also offer metasearches for news, jobs (in partnership with Indeed.com), U.S. government info and blogs. Customized tabs allow users to select sources for their own metasearch to create personalized tabs.

Clusty had free toolbars for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox,[2][3] as well as a Mycroft Project search plugin for Mozilla and Firefox.[3]

On May 14, 2010, Clusty was acquired by Yippy, Inc., an Internet startup based in Fort Myers, Florida [4] for $5.55 million.[5]

SearchEngineWatch interviewed CEO Richard Granville in 2010. Granville laid out his plans to create a family friendly experience at the site. He said, "There is nothing more important than protecting a child's innocence from being robbed by the Internet's easy access to morally reprehensible material." He announced an advertising campaign on Fox News Channel saying, "The Fox News network's championship of a conservative America mirrors Yippy's values."[6]

By April 2011, Alexa.com was reporting that "while approximately 30% of visitors to the site come from the US, where it is ranked #11,500, it is also popular in Ireland, where it is ranked #2,002." Alexa also reports that the audience for Yippy.com was overrepresented by male cohorts over 45 years old and that it was underrepresented by youth.[7]


According to its mission statement, Yippy attempts to be family-friendly and "include only content that is appropriate for all ages". It also promotes "conservative values".

Censorship policy[edit]

Before the acquisition Clusty had an anti-censorship policy, clearly stating that it will remove no results from its search (with a loophole allowing for censorship by the "democratic" regimes). After the acquisition the censorship policy was rewritten to eliminate content such as pornography, gaming content, sexual content and products and views that could be considered anti-semitic, anti-Christian, anti-conservative and anti-American. It also prohibited sites unsuitable for children.[8]

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