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Yisrael Campbell (born Christopher Campbell) is a Philadelphia-born Israeli comedian.[1][2][3][4]

Campbell, who is of Irish and Italian descent, grew up Catholic in a Philadelphia suburb.[5] One of his aunts is a Catholic nun. A typical Campbell joke is that his aunt is a nun, "which of course makes Jesus my uncle, allowing for easier parking in Jerusalem." Campbell converted to Judaism with a Reform rabbi, and says that a "spiritual hunger" led him to have a second conversion with a Conservative rabbi. On a four-month visit to Israel in 2000 he decided to have a third conversion and live as an Orthodox Jew.[6]

Campbell and his wife Avital, a Talmud teacher, have four children, including twins, and live in Jerusalem.[6]

The Guardian wrote that "As far as we know, Lenny Bruce never had sex with an Orthodox Jew, but if he had – he would have produced Yisrael Campbell."[7]

In 2006 Campbell appeared with the Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour.

Campbell is the subject of a 2008 documentary film, Circumcise Me.


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