Yisroel Dovid Harfenes

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Rabbi Yisroel Dovid ben Menachem Nachum Harfenes is a Haredi posek ("decisor of Jewish law") and scholar, residing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. He is the Rabbi of the Yisroel Vehazmanim Synagogue in Williamsburg, and is the author of multiple books on Halakha. Many of the books he has authored are responsa. Among the books he has authored are:

  • Yisroel Vehazmanim OCLC 48977504 on zmanim
  • Yisroel VeOraisa OCLC 61485761
  • Chinuch Yisroel OCLC 41163624
  • Mekadesh Hashabos OCLC 41163624
  • Mekadesh Yisroel (responsa) OCLC 122809123
  • Nishmas Yisroel OCLC 34027698
  • Nishmas Shabos (responsa) OCLC 144652921
  • Vayevarech Dovid OCLC 23462776
  • Dudaei Yisroel OCLC 54362391
  • Yisroel Araivim OCLC 62316105
  • Shirai Dovid OCLC 56499018
  • Pri Eitz Hadar OCLC 23269161

Many of these books are available online (for free) at hebrewbooks.org. He is a dayan on the Hisachdus Harabonim Beth din in Williamsburg.