Yitha Yitha language

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Lower Darling–Lower Lachlan
RegionSouth Australia
EthnicityYitha Yitha, Tatitati
Native speakers
10 (2005)[1]
  • Yitha-Yitha
  • Dardi-Dardi (Tati-Tati, Ta-tati)
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
xth – Yitha Yitha
dda – Dadi Dadi
AIATSIS[1]D7 Yitha Yitha, S28 Dadi Dadi
Aboriginal Tribes of Riverena.png
Jitajita traditional lands

Yitha-Yitha is a moribund language of southern South Australia spoken by the Yitha Yitha people. The language was studied in the 1980s. Yita Yita has many monosyllabic words, consonant finals and consonant clusters. Many Yita Yita place names include the words tin meaning foot, and cabul meaning leg.


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