Yitzhak Kahan

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Yitzhak Kahan
6th President of the Supreme Court of Israel
In office
Preceded by Moshe Landau
Succeeded by Meir Shamgar
Personal details
Born (1913-11-15)November 15, 1913
Brody, Galicia, Austria-Hungary
Died April 24, 1985(1985-04-24) (aged 71)
Religion Judaism

Yitzhak Kahan (Hebrew: יצחק כהן‎‎; November 15, 1913 – April 24, 1985) was President of the Supreme Court of Israel from 1982 until 1983. He was the Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the Events at the Refugee Camps in Beirut also known as the Kahan Commission, which was established to investigate the Sabra and Shatila massacre.

Born in Brody, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, he was the brother of Rav Kalman Kahana, a former Knesset member. He studied law and economics before emigrating to Israel in 1935.

On October 7, 1970, Yitzhak Kahan was appointed to the Supreme Court of Israel.

On March 26, 1981, he was appointed President of the Supreme Court of Israel.


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