Yitzhak Kariv

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Yitzhak Kariv
Yitzhak Kariv.jpg
Mayor of Jerusalem
In office
Preceded by Shlomo Zalman Shragai
Succeeded by Gershon Agron
Personal details
Born 1902
Died 1999
Political party Mizrachi

Yitzhak Kariv (Hebrew: יצחק קריב‎‎, born in Russia, 1902–1999) was the mayor of the Israeli part of Jerusalem from 1952 to 1955,[1][2] and a banker.

As a member of the Mizrachi political party, he was appointed as a compromise between the parties of the city hall, after Jerusalem’s first elected mayor, Zalman Shragai, had resigned. On April 1955, a few months before the following elections, he was fired by the Minister of Interior, who replaced him with an appointed committee (ועדה קרואה).