Yitzhak Nissim

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Rabbi Yitzhak Nissim
יצחק ניסים
Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel
Yitzhak Nissim1958.jpg
Began 1955
Ended 1972
Predecessor Benzion Uziel
Successor Ovadia Yosef
Personal details
Born 1896
Denomination Orthodox
Parents Rabbi
A visit to Ashkelon by Rishon Lezion Rabbi Yitzhak Nissim and Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog (1955)

Yitzhak Nissim (1896 – 9 August 1981) (Hebrew: יצחק נסים‎) was a Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel. Nissim was born in Baghdad and immigrated to Palestine in 1925.

In 1955, he became Chief Sephardic Rabbi. As a gesture of goodwill, he visited some kibbutzim, which at that time were predominantly Ashkenazi and secular. He was also emphatic that the Bene Israel, who had been rejected as Jews by other rabbis, were Jewish.[1]

In 1964, Pope Paul VI visited Israel but refused to visit the heads of other religions, insisting that they come visit him. In protest, Nissim boycotted this visit, insisting that he was willing to visit the Pope as long as there would be reciprocity if a chief rabbi came to Rome.[2]

He was the father of Moshe Nissim.

Preceded by
Benzion Uziel
Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel
Yitzhak Nissim

Succeeded by
Ovadia Yosef

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