Yizheng Chemical Fibre

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Yizheng Chemical Fibre
State-owned enterprise
Traded as
IndustryChemical industry
Area served
People's Republic of China
Key people
Chairman: Mr. Qian Hengge
ProductsChemical fibre production

Yizheng Chemical Fibre (simplified Chinese: 仪征化纤; traditional Chinese: 儀征化纖), full name "Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Limited" or short name "Yizheng", is the subsidiary company of Sinopec, which is engaged in sales and production of fibres and fibre materials on Mainland China. The headquarters of the company is located at Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province.

There have been hopes that Sinopec, Yizheng's parent company, will process share reform and privatize Yizheng Chemical Fibre and Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical, but the plan has not been finalized.

Yizheng has both A share and H share listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange respectively, with the greatest difference between A and H share prices currently. It also has the largest historical P/E ratio among all H shares, currently more than 200 times.


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