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A part of the Yizkor books' shelves at the reading room at Yad Vashem library

Yizkor books are memorial books commemorating a Jewish community destroyed during the Holocaust. The books are published by former residents or landsmanshaft societies as remembrances of homes, people and ways of life lost during World War II. Yizkor books usually focus on a town but may include sections on neighboring smaller communities. Most of these books are written in Yiddish or Hebrew, some also include sections in English or other languages, depending on where they were published. Since the 1990s, many of these books, or sections of them have been translated into English.


A memorial book about the Jewish community of Łódź was produced in New York City in 1943. It was the first of more than 900 that have subsequently been published.[1]

Collections and translations[edit]

There have been a number of projects to collect and preserve these publications.

The JewishGen Yizkor Book Project was organized in 1994 by a group of JewishGen volunteers led by Leonard Markowitz and Martin Kessel. A translation project was developed by Susannah Juni and implemented by Joyce Field.[2]


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