Lake Yliki

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Lake Yliki
Illiki lake (part of) near Thiva Greece.jpg
partial view of Lake Yliki, north of Thiva, Greece.
Location Central Greece
Coordinates 38°24′N 23°16′E / 38.400°N 23.267°E / 38.400; 23.267Coordinates: 38°24′N 23°16′E / 38.400°N 23.267°E / 38.400; 23.267
Primary inflows Cephissus
Basin countries Greece
Surface area 19.1 km2 (7.4 sq mi)
Surface elevation 78 m (256 ft)

Lake Yliki (Greek: Υλίκη Yliki, Ancient Greek: Ὑλικὴ Hylike, Latinised as Hylica[1]) is a large natural lake of Boeotia, central Greece. Situated 8 km north of Thebes at 78 m elevation, it has been an important source of drinking water for the Athens agglomeration since 1958.[2] It is surrounded by low mountains, which separate it from the drained Lake Copais.

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