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Type of site
Available in4 active full editions (6 in total)
OwnerLauta Media Ltd
LaunchedFebruary 20, 2011; 10 years ago (2011-02-20)

Ylilauta is a Finnish imageboard. It was founded on February 20, 2011 to unite the two former most popular Finnish imageboards, Kotilauta and Lauta.net. Ylilauta is one of the most popular websites in Finland, and on the Finnish-speaking Internet. In 2011 "Ylilauta" was the fourth most searched word on Google in Finland.

In 2011, users of Ylilauta published thousands of Finnish user account details for multiple Finnish websites, which led to Finland's largest series of data leaks.[citation needed]

Users of Ylilauta twice gathered a consolatory prize for two Finnish YouTubers who had not received an award at the annual Tubecon event, despite winning in the People's Choice category. The first was YouTuber markoboy87, who received a television and a PlayStation console, whereas niilo22, who was the second winner, received a bicycle, a Moccamaster coffee percolator, a PlayStation and an LED television.[1]

In October 2020 an anonymous hacker used Ylilauta to share data which he had acquired illegally in a data breach from the Vastaamo psychotherapist centre.[2] The hacker(s) had previously threatened Vastaamo that they would release the data they had acquired, which Vastaamo had reported to the police.[3] Ylilauta administration soon removed the data from the site.[2] Technical director of F-Secure Mikko Hyppönen later approached the Ylilauta user base, requesting that any person who had downloaded a specific file that contained all the data acquired in the breach send a copy of it to the police, as it might contain technical information that might help the criminal investigation.[4]


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