Ymer Island

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Native name: Ymer Ø
Ymer Island - Landsat TM 230.jpg
Satellite image
Ymer Island is located in Greenland
Ymer Island
Ymer Island (Greenland)
Location East Greenland
Coordinates 73°09′N 24°20′W / 73.150°N 24.333°W / 73.150; -24.333Coordinates: 73°09′N 24°20′W / 73.150°N 24.333°W / 73.150; -24.333
Area 2,437 km2 (941 sq mi)
Highest elevation 1,900 m (6,200 ft)
Highest point Angelin Bjerg[1]
Population 0

Ymer (Danish: Ymer Ø) is an island in northeastern Greenland. Its area is 2,437 km². It is mountainous (highest peak is Angelin Bjerg at 1900 m). The island is a part of Northeast Greenland National Park, the largest national park in the world. It is named for the giant Ymir, the forefather of the Jotuns.