Ymer Island

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Ymer Island
Ymer Ø
Ymers Island(js)3.jpg
View of Ymer Island with ice floes in the foreground.
Ymer Island is located in Greenland
Ymer Island
Ymer Island
Ymer Island (Greenland)
Location East Greenland
Coordinates 73°09′N 24°20′W / 73.150°N 24.333°W / 73.150; -24.333Coordinates: 73°09′N 24°20′W / 73.150°N 24.333°W / 73.150; -24.333
Area 2,437 km2 (941 sq mi)
Length 91 km (56.5 mi)
Width 36 km (22.4 mi)
Highest elevation 1,900 m (6,200 ft)
Highest point Angelin Bjerg[1]
Population 0

Ymer Island (Danish: Ymer Ø) is an island in northeastern Greenland. The island is a part of Northeast Greenland National Park.

Ymer Island is named after the giant Ymir, the forefather of the Jotuns in Norse mythology.


The island lies on the southern side of the entrance of Kaiser Franz Joseph Fjord. Ymer Island's northern half forms a peninsula named Gunnar Anderson Land having its narrow isthmus in the west. The fjord between the two halves of the island is named Dusen Fjord.

Ymer Island has an area of 2,437 km².[2] It is mountainous; Angelin Bjerg, its highest peak, reaches a height of 1900 m. The conspicuous Devil's Castle (Teufelsschloss) is located on the other side of Kaiser Franz Joseph Fjord, off the southern shore of Cape Petersens, the NW extremity of Ymer Island.[3]

Mountaintops in Ymer Island.
Landsat satellite image

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