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A yo-yo is a toy.

Yo-yo may also refer to:


Art, entertainment, and media[edit]

Fictional entities[edit]

  • Hoops&Yoyo, a pair of animated characters featured on Hallmark Cards
  • Yo-Yo Rodriguez, a fictional character in the Marvel Universe


  • Yo Yo (1965), a comedy film





Other uses[edit]

  • Yo-Yo (ride) or swing ride, a type of amusement park ride
  • Yo-Yo, a type of aircraft maneuver
  • Yo-Yo, to thru-hike a major trail twice in one season, equivalent to "out-and-back day hikes"
  • Yo-yo club, in association football, a frequently relegated and promoted club
  • Yo-yo de-spin, a technique for slowing the spin of rockets
  • yo-yo dieting, a phrase describing weight fluctuations experienced by dieters
  • YOYO economics ("You're on Your Own" economics), a type of economic policy
  • Yo-yo problem, an antipattern encountered in software development
  • Yo-yo Tsuri, a type of Japanese water balloon

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