Yo No Coopero Con La Dictadura

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Yo No Coopero Con La Dictadura campaign logos.

Yo No Coopero Con La Dictadura (English: I Do Not Cooperate with the Dictatorship) is a civil disobedience campaign by Cuban democracy activists.[1]

The campaign, utilizes the slogan "I do want change", and is articulated in six fundamental points: "I do not repudiate, I do not assist, I do not snitch, I do not follow, I do not cooperate, and I do not repress."[2] Furthermore, as a symbolic gesture of non-cooperation with the Cuban regime, members of the organization cross their arms over their chests.[3]

Multiple Cuban-American artists, such as Lissette Álvarez, Willy Chirino, Jon Secada, Paquito D'Rivera, Boncó Quiñongo,[4] and Amaury Gutiérrez[5] have declared their support for the campaign.

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