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Yo Oizumi
Born (1973-04-03) April 3, 1973 (age 44)
Ebetsu, Hokkaido, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Actor
Years active 1995–present
Agent Creative Office CUE
Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
  • Kumiko Nakajima (m. 2009)

Yo Oizumi (大泉 洋, Ōizumi Yō, born April 3, 1973) is a TV personality and a stage actor based in Hokkaidō. He was born in Ebetsu and has been living in Sapporo since 1984.

He first made a name for himself in a Hokkaidō-based TV variety series called “Suiyō Dōdeshō” (How do you like Wednesday?) and has been actively appearing on various media programs in Hokkaidō since then. He is also a member of a 5-piece drama group called TEAM-NACS formed when they were at Hokkai Gakuen university. TEAM-NACS had run their first national tour with thieir 11th original play called “COMPOSER” during spring and summer in 2005, and are now preparing for the 12th one called "HONOR" performances in Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo; opening at The Galaxy Theatre in Tokyo on March 9, 2007 and closing at Doushin Hall at Sapporo on May 13, 2007. In 2007, he provided the voice of Professor Hershel Layton in the puzzle video game Professor Layton and the Curious Village as well as its sequels and movie.

Along with increasing popularity of “Suiyo Doudeshō” ("How do you like Wednesday?") and TEAM-NACS not only within Hokkaidō but throughout Japan over the past years, he has been expanding his works in various fields by appearing on nationwide TV dramas and films, doing character voices on animated films and releasing CDs as a singer. In addition to voices, he is also an accomplished writer and painter. He calls his fans "Koneko chan tachi", which means "kittens" in Japanese, although he does not like cats.[citation needed]

On May 30, 2011, he became the father of a baby girl. On his website he jokes saying, “Today I successfully became a father!“ [1]


Variety Shows[edit]

TV dramas[edit]

  • Kyuumei Byoutou 24hⅢ (救命病棟24時, 2005 Fuji TV)
  • Okashina Futari (おかしなふたり(The Odd Couple), 2006 Fuji TV)
  • Kobayakawa Nobuki No Koi (小早川伸木の恋, 2006 Fuji TV)
  • Tokyo Tower ~Okan to Boku to Tokidoki Oton~ (東京タワー~オカンとボクと、時々、オトン, 2006 Fuji TV)
  • Haken No Hinkaku (ハケンの品格, 2007 Nippon TV)
  • The Naminori Restaurant (The 波乗りレストラン, 2008 Nippon TV)
  • Akahana No Sensei (赤鼻のセンセイ, 2009 Nippon TV)
  • Ryōmaden (2010 NHK)
  • Wagaya no Rekishi (2010 Fuji TV)
  • Ōgon no Buta (黄金の豚-会計検査庁 特別捜査課-, 2010 Nippon TV)
  • Japanese Americans (2010 TBS)
  • Lucky Seven (TV series) (2012 Fuji TV)
  • Mare (2015 NHK)
  • Sanada Maru (2016 NHK) – Sanada Nobuyuki
  • Leaders 2 (2017 TBS) – Takejirō Kikuma


Video Games[edit]


  • Today's Soup本日のスープ, Duet song with STARDUST REVUE in 2004)
  • Not get up guy起きないあいつ


Year Award Category Work Result
2012 35th Japan Academy Prize Best Supporting Actor The Detective Is in the Bar Nominated
2015 58th Blue Ribbon Awards Best Actor Kakekomi Won
2016 39th Japan Academy Prize Best Actor Nominated


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