Yoav Benjamini

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Yoav Benjamini
Yoav Benjamini.jpg
Yoav Benjamini
Born (1949-01-05) January 5, 1949 (age 69)
Known forFalse discovery rate
BH procedure
AwardsIsrael Prize (2012)
Scientific career
InstitutionsTel Aviv University
Doctoral advisorPeter Bloomfield
Doctoral studentsDaniel Yekutieli

Yoav Benjamini (Hebrew: יואב בנימיני‎; born January 5, 1949) is an Israeli statistician best known for development (with Yosef Hochberg) of the “false discovery rate” criterion.

Scientific fields of interest[edit]

Benjamini's scientific work combines theoretical research in statistical methodology with applied research that involves complex problems with massive data. The methodological work is on selective and simultaneous inference (multiple comparisons), as well as on general methods for data analysis, data mining, and data visualization.

Honors and awards[edit]


1983: Is the T-test really conservative when the parent distribution is long-tailed, Journal of the American Statistical Association

1986: Observational rainfall - runoff analysis for estimating effects of cloud seeding on water resources in Northern Israel, Journal of Hydrology (with Y. Harpaz)

1988: Opening the box of a boxplot, The American Statistician

1990: More powerful procedures for multiple significance testing, Statistics in Medicine (with Y. Hochberg)

1995: Controlling the False Discovery Rate: a practical and powerful approach to multiple testing, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B (with Y. Hochberg)

1998: Confidence intervals with more power to determine the sign: two ends constrain the means, Journal of the American Statistical Association (with Y. Hochberg & PB. Stark)

2000: The adaptive control of the false discovery rate in multiple comparison problems, The Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics (with Y. Hochberg)

2001: The control of the False Discovery Rate in multiple testing under dependency, Annals of Statistics (with D. Yekutieli)

2002: John Tukey’s contributions to multiple comparisons, Annals of Statistics, (with H. Braun)

2003: Identifying Differentially Expressed Genes Using False Discovery Rate Controlling Procedures, Bioinformatics (with A. Reiner & D. Yekutieli)

2005: Genotype-environment interactions in mouse behavior: A way out of the problem, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (with N. Kafkafi, A. Sakov & others) 2005: False discovery rate controlling confidence intervals for selected parameters, Journal of the American Statistical Association (with Y. Yekutieli

2006: Adapting to unknown sparsity by controlling the false discovery rate, Annals of Statistics (with: F. Abramovich, D. Donoho & IM. Johnstone)

2006: Adaptive linear step-up procedures that control the false discovery rate, Biometrika (with A.M. Krieger & D. Yekutieli)

2008: Screening for partial conjunction hypotheses. Biometrics (with R. Heller)

2011: Quantifying the buildup in extent and complexity of behavior - the case of free exploration in mice, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (with E. Fonio, T. Galili and others).

And others.


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