Yob Wildlife Reserve

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Yob Wildlife Reserve
IUCN category IV (habitat/species management area)
Map showing the location of Yob Wildlife Reserve
Map showing the location of Yob Wildlife Reserve
Map of Eritrea
LocationNorthern Red Sea Region and Anseba Region, Eritrea
Nearest cityNakfa
Coordinates17°15′27″N 37°45′36″E / 17.2575°N 37.76°E / 17.2575; 37.76Coordinates: 17°15′27″N 37°45′36″E / 17.2575°N 37.76°E / 17.2575; 37.76
Area265,800 hectares (2,658 km2)
Established16 March 1959

Yob Wildlife Reserve is a protected area in the Northern Red Sea and Anseba regions of northern Eritrea. According to the Gazetta Eritrea, it was established on 16 March 1959 by the British, specifically to protect the significant populations of Nubian ibex in the area.[1]

The reserve is overlooked by the Wildlife Conservation Department of the Eritrean Ministry of Agriculture.[2] It covers an area of 265,800 hectares and its protection appears to have been reaffirmed on 1 January 1975.[3]


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