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Yob is a slang word used in the United Kingdom. The term denotes a loutish, uncultured person,[1] and is published in dictionaries in the United Kingdom.[2] In Australia and New Zealand, the word yobbo is more frequently used, with a similar although slightly less negative meaning.


The word itself is a product of backslang, a process whereby new words are created by spelling or pronouncing existing words backwards. The word yob is thus derived from the word boy. It only began to acquire a derogatory connotation in the 1930s.[3]

In popular culture[edit]

The Yob is the title of a 1988 episode of The Comic Strip Presents..., in which the brain patterns of a pretentious music video director are those of a football hooligan.

Yob is also the title of a 1998 single by TISM, detailing the "ingredients" which go into making up a yob.

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