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Yoh Iwasa (born 1952) is a Japanese Mathematical Biologist who is considered the leading mathematical biologist in Japan.[1]

His work includes the evolution of costly mate preferences and the evolutionary dynamics of cancer. Notable papers include:

  • "The evolution of costly mate preferences II. The 'handicap' principle" Evolution 1991
  • "Demographic theory for an open marine population with space-limited recruitment" with Joan Roughgarden Ecology 1985
  • "Dynamics of chronic myeloid leukaemia" Nature 2005
  • "Prey distribution as a factor determining the choice of optimal foraging strategy" The American Naturalist 1981 - JSTOR
  • "Influence of nonlinear incidence rates upon the behavior of SIRS epidemiological models" with Simon Levin Journal of Mathematical Biology, 1986

Notes and references[edit]

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