Yolanda (ship)

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Name: Jolanda (or Yolanda)
  • Rennies Coasters, Durban (1966–1977)
  • Sea Brother Marine Shipping Co., Cyprus (1977–1980)
Port of registry: Cyprus[1]
Builder: Juliana Constructora Gijonesa, Gijón, Spain[2]
Launched: 1964[1]
Out of service: 1 April 1980[2]
Identification:IMO number5405645[1]
Fate: Ran aground on a reef at Ras Muhammad[2]
General characteristics
Type: Cargo ship
Propulsion: Single screw[2]

Jolanda (also called Yolanda) was a Cypriot cargo ship built in 1964 in Gijón, Spain by SA Juliana Constructora.[1][2] She was grounded on a reef at Ras Muhammad on 1 April 1980.[3] From 1981 to 1985, the wreck was a popular dive site, but it was lost when it fell off the reef during a storm in 1985.[3] The wreck remained lost for 20 years until it was rediscovered by Leigh Cunningham and Mark Andrews at a depth of 145–160 metres (476–525 ft) in 2005.[4] Today, cargo from the wreckage, including British toilets, bath tubs and pipes, is visited by recreational divers.[5]


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Coordinates: 27°43′24″N 34°15′36″E / 27.72333°N 34.26000°E / 27.72333; 34.26000