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Yolanda Morazzo (born 1928, São Vicente, Cape Verde, died 27 January 2009) was a Portuguese-language writer.[1]

Although she lived for many years in Portugal, she is associated with the Claridade movement of Cape Verdean writers.[2][3] She was one of the founders of Suplemento Cultural, a literary review.[4]

She graduated with a high degree in French and French Modern Literature, at the Alliance Française, and English at the British Institute. She headed to Angola in 1958 with her husband during the time of the colonial war, she also visited in 1968, for some time, she worked at the Yugoslavian embassy.

Her poem "Barcos" can be found on the CD Poesia de Cabo Verde e Sete Poemas de Sebastião da Gama by Afonso Dias[5]


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