Yolanda Vazquez

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Yolanda Vazquez
Years active 1987-present
Spouse(s) Jonathan Phillips (1989-present)
Children 2

Yolanda Vazquez is a film, television and theatre actress best known for appearing in the film The Air Up There. More recently, she had a cameo in the well-received British indie science fiction thriller, Children of Men. Recently Vazquez has appeared in productions of Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream (for the Royal Shakespeare Company)[1] and Much Ado About Nothing.[2]

Notable TV appearances include the part of Maria in "The Final Cut", the third series in the House of Cards trilogy of television dramas. She was also in Midsomer Murders' 2001 episode, Who Killed Cock Robin?, where she played a Spanish riding instructor.[3] In 1993 she appeared as lounge singer Lola in an episode of Agatha Christie's Poirot.

Because of similar first names, she has sometimes been confused on the Web with Yolande Palfrey, although the two actresses were born in different countries at different times and have never resembled each other.[4][5]

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