Yolandita (1995 album)

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Yolandita (1995)
Studio album by Yolandita Monge
Released November 07, 1995
Recorded Miami
Genre Latin pop
Label WEA Latina
Producer Gustavo Márquez
Yolandita Monge chronology
Fiebre de Luna
Mi Encuentro

Yolandita is the 22nd studio album by Puerto Rican singer Yolandita Monge. It was released in 1995. This album marked the biggest radical change of sound and image for the singer, with a fresh and young approach that included long hair and a belly ring. In the first 6 months more than 200,000 copies were sold in several Latin American countries.

This album earned Gold status due to high sales and is currently out of print in all media formats but it is available as a digital download at iTunes with a different artwork.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Tu, Tu, Tu, Tu
  2. Busco Tu Amor
  3. Vete Mi Amor
  4. Noche Rosa
  5. Cuando Miro Tu Foto
  6. Antes De Ti
  7. Sueños Por Quién
  8. Tu Volverás
  9. Hay Amor
  10. Cuando Nacen Amores


Singles Charts[edit]

Year Chart Song Peak
1995 Billboard Latin Tropical/Salsa Airplay Tu,Tu,Tu,Tu 15[1]
1996 Billboard Latin Pop Airplay Tu,Tu,Tu,Tu 4[2]
1996 Billboard Hot Latin Songs Tu,Tu,Tu,Tu 17[3]
1996 Billboard Latin Pop Airplay Antes de Ti 10[4]


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