Yomigaeru Sora – Rescue Wings

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Yomigaeru Sora - Rescue Wings
Rescue Wings DVD.jpg
The DVD cover of Yomigaeru Sora - Rescue Wings
Genre Action, Adventure, Drama
Anime television series
Directed by Katsushi Sakurabi
Music by Hayato Matsuo
Studio J.C.Staff
Original network TV Tokyo, Animax
Original run 8 January 200626 March 2006
Episodes 13
Live-action film
Released 2009 (2009)
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Yomigaeru Sora - Rescue Wings - (よみがえる空 - Rescue Wings-?) is a Japanese anime series produced by J.C. STAFF which aired on TV Tokyo in 2006. The main character is 2nd Lieutenant Uchida Kazuhiro, a helicopter pilot in a search and rescue wing of the Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF). A live-action movie adaptation was produced in 2008, with the original Japanese premiere in 2009.[1] Two manga series were also written, having different storylines but based on the overall theme of SAR squads and personnel.

The real life JASDF Komatsu Air Base hosts a search and rescue wing in addition to two fighter wings with F-15J's and T-4's as portrayed in the anime.[2] JDS Haruna (DDH-141), on which Hongou lands on to refuel in Episode 3, is a real ship of the JMSDF.[3]


Uchida Kazuhiro joined the JASDF hoping to fly fighter jets, however midway through the pilot training program he was transferred to the rescue helicopter course and was eventually deployed to the Komatsu Rescue Squad as a SAR helicopter pilot. Initially depressed at his assignment, Uchida's experiences eventually cause him to change his mind.


  1. 「はじめての仕事」(The First Job)
  2. 「困難な仕事」(A Difficult Job)
  3. 「苦しい仕事」(A Painful Job)
  4. 「大切な人」(Precious One)
  5. 「必要なこと」(Necessity)
  6. 「Bright Side of Life 前編」(Bright Side of Life, Part I)
  7. 「Bright Side of Life 後編」(Bright Side of Life, Part II)
  8. 「少年の旅路 前編」(A Boy's Journey, Part I)
  9. 「少年の旅路 後編」(A Boy's Journey, Part II)
  10. 「パーティー」(Party)
  11. 「ビバーク」(Bivouac)
  12. 「レスキュー」(Rescue)
  13. 「最後の仕事」(A Last Job)(Final)(DVD Release)



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