Yomou Prefecture

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Yomou Prefecture
Location of Yomou Prefecture and seat in Guinea.
Location of Yomou Prefecture and seat in Guinea.
Country  Guinea
Region Nzérékoré Region
Capital Yomou
 • Total 2,000 sq mi (6,000 km2)
 • Total 87,000
Time zone Guinea Standard Time (UTC+0)

Yomou is a prefecture located in the Nzérékoré Region of Guinea. The capital and principal town of the prefecture is Yomou. The prefecture covers an area of 6,000 km.² and has an estimated population of 87,000.

As of 2005, Yomou is estimated to have a population of around 12,000. The town is an important trading centre for the Guinea Highlands area.


The prefecture is divided administratively into 7 sub-prefectures: Yomou-Centre • Banié • Bheeta • Bignamou • Bowé • Djécké • Péla

Coordinates: 7°33′58″N 9°15′12″W / 7.5661°N 9.2533°W / 7.5661; -9.2533