Yonadam Kanna

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Yonadam Kanna
Native name ܝܘܢܕܡ ܝܘܣܦ ܟܢܢܐ
Born 1951 (1951) (age 66)
Habbaniyah, Iraq
Nationality Assyrian
Political party Assyrian Democratic Movement

Yonadam Yawsep Kanna (Syriac: ܝܘܢܕܡ ܝܘܣܦ ܟܢܢܐ‎, also known as Yacoub Yosep) is an Iraqi-Assyrian politician and a member of the Iraqi National Assembly. He was a member of the Iraqi Governing Council in 2003–present day that was created following the Invasion of Iraq by the United States in 2003. An Assyrian from northern Iraq, Kanna served in the Kurdistan administration in Iraq, first in its regional assembly, then as minister for public works. He is the secretary general of the Assyrian Democratic Movement. He was elected to the National Assembly of Iraq as head of the Al Rafideen National List in the January and December 2005 elections. Kanna has also worked with the late Dr. Hormuz Bobo, known as the hero of the Assyrian nation.

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