Yonako Falls

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Yonako Falls
onako Falls: Gongen Falls (left, 75 meters) and Fudo Falls (85 meters)
Yonako Falls is located in Nagano Prefecture
Yonako Falls
Yonako Falls is located in Japan
Yonako Falls
Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Coordinates36°34′00″N 138°24′21″E / 36.5667°N 138.4058°E / 36.5667; 138.4058Coordinates: 36°34′00″N 138°24′21″E / 36.5667°N 138.4058°E / 36.5667; 138.4058
Total height85 m
Average width6 m
WatercourseChikuma River

Yonako Falls (米子大瀑布, Yonako Dai-Bakufu), literally "Yonako Large Waterfalls" [1] ) is a waterfall located in Yonako, Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture, in the central part of Japan.

The Falls[edit]

The Yonako Falls, located in Suzaka, Nagano, Japan is a collective name of two waterfalls: the Fudo Falls (不動滝, Fudo no taki) and the Gongen Falls (権現滝, Gongen no taki). Both falls combine to make the Yonako River, which is one of the tributaries of the Chikuma River, the upper stream of Japan's longest river, the Shinano River, which flows into the Sea of Japan at Niigata City.

Yonako Falls is one of "Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls", in a listing published by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment in 1990.

The view of the falls, 900 meters away from the slag ground of the former Yonako Sulfur Mines (Japanese: 米子硫黄鉱山), which has been converted to a park, is said to be excellent, especially during the autumn leaves season.


From Suzaka-Nagano East exit of the Jōshin-etsu Expressway, via National Routes 403 and 406, to the falls' toll-free parking lot is about 40 minutes.


  1. ^ The Yonako Falls is so called locally, but is elsewhere often referred to as the "Yonago Falls" because the two "Yonako" Kanji characters (米子) are pronounced as "Yonago" for Yonago, Tottori, a better known locality in Japan. Reference: The Large Waterfalls of Yonako, Suzaka City (in Japanese)

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