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Yongfu County (Chinese: 永福县; pinyin: Yǒngfú Xiàn) is a county in Guilin, Guangxi, China, located 55 km to the southwest of Guilin. The county is mostly rural and hilly, marked by the same dramatic karst topography for which Guilin is famous.

Yongfu is perhaps best known as a center of luohan guo (Siraitia grosvenorii) production, and in particular the town of Longjiang (龙江) has been called "the home of Chinese luohan guo".

Other agricultural products include mangosteens, honey, wild grapes, silkworms, rice, mushrooms, chestnuts, and yellow bamboo shoots.


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Coordinates: 24°59′N 109°59′E / 24.983°N 109.983°E / 24.983; 109.983