Yongsan Electronics Market

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Yongsan Electronics Market
Korean name
Revised RomanizationYongsan Jeonja Sangga
McCune–ReischauerYongsan Chŏnja Sangga

Yongsan Electronics Market is a retail area in Seoul, South Korea. Comprising over 20 buildings, housing 5,000 stores that sell appliances, stereos, computers and peripherals, office equipment, telephones, lighting equipment, electronic games and software, videos and CD's. A variety of electronic components for constructing computers and other items can also be found. Korean-made products generally cost 20% less here than other retail outlets, while imported items can be as much as 50% cheaper.

The market has a variety of stores, each with different operating procedures. Some stores operate like traditional retail shops, with set prices, name brands, and warranties. Other shops accept, or even expect, customers to bargain and may not have any posted prices for items.

Location and Hours[edit]

The Electronics Market is located on Subway line 1, at Yongsan Station. Entrance is from the train station through the Terminal Shopping Center or by walking around the station at ground level to enter the market. It may also be reached by the subway line to Sinyongsan station. The major stores are open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, while many smaller stores keep a variety of hours. Most stores in the area are closed on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. The department stores and many shops in Seoul are closed on alternating Sundays (twice a month). There is an outdoor flea market in the area on the first and third Sunday of the month, when things are even cheaper. The shops open around 11 AM.


A great deal of shops are in competition and merchants usually try to let you test out the product. From such conducts, Netizens coined new word, Yong pali,[1] meaning Salesperson in Yongsan to criticize their shameless sale behavior.[2] It has been pointed out that this is one of the reasons consumers worry about visiting the market. Due to this publicity, The President of the Hyundai I shopping mall has announced that it seeks to improve such misconduct and offer improved customer service.[3] It is recommended to use English-speaking stores and compare each seller.

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  • [1] - Article about shopping at Electroland, Space9, and other stores/areas in the Yongsan district


Coordinates: 37°31′59″N 126°57′47″E / 37.533°N 126.963°E / 37.533; 126.963