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Professor Yongyudh Vajaradul (Thai: ยงยุทธ วัชรดุลย์, August 18, 1940, Chiangmai, Thailand) is a pioneer in the field of tissue banking and the use of bone allografts in orthopedic surgery, and serves as the Chairman of the World Buddhist Scout Brotherhood.[1]

Vajaradul established the Bangkok Biomaterial Center in Siriraj Hospital in 1984, and Thailand became the tissue banking forerunner of the region.

The Pan-Asiatic Tissue Banking Association was first proposed in 1985 during the Western Pacific Orthopaedic Association Congress in Bangkok, Thailand by Vajaradul, Alain Patel of France and Norberto Agcaoili of the Philippines, with its Secretariat at Bangkok Biomaterial Center. In October 1988, during the Third International Conference on Locomotor Tissue Bank in Bangkok, the new association was born and renamed Asia-Pacific Association of Surgical Tissue Banking (APASTB). The founding members included Vajaradul became the First President in 1988.

Vajaradul is a member of the National Scout Executive Board and the National Scout Council of the National Scout Organization of Thailand, as well as a member of the Asia Pacific Regional Scout Committee

Vajaradul was the Charter President of the Rotary Club of Bangkok-Banglamphu District 3350, Rotary International, in 1998. Vajaradul is a chairman of Interdisciplinary network of the Royal institute of Thailand.



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