Yongzhou courthouse shooting

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Location of Yongzhou within Hunan

The Yongzhou courthouse shooting (Chinese: ) occurred on 1 June 2010 when 46-year-old Zhu Jun (朱军), armed with a submachine gun and 2 other weapons, entered the Lingling District People's Court (零陵区法院) in Yongzhou, Hunan and randomly killed 3 judicial workers who happened to be at work at an office on the 4th floor.[1][2]


On 1 June 2010 just before 10:00am, Zhu Jun (朱军) entered the courthouse and randomly shot at people.[3] The attack resulted in 3 deaths (presiding judge Zhao Hulin,[4] deputy chief judge Jiang Qidong,[4] and court clerk Huang Lan[4]) and 3 injured persons.[5] The victims were not discussing the case of the assailant.[6] Zhu killed himself after the incident.

Zhu was apparently angry at the Chinese justice system about the results of his divorce settlement.[7] He had a son, and had separated from his wife 3 years previous to the incident.[5]

Zhu worked as the head of security at the Lingling District post office,[3] and had obtained the weapons from post office security personnel by pretending that he needed to take them to be examined.[8]


News of the attack was subject to internet censorship in the People's Republic of China. The Chinese Government ordered the major news portals to remove mentions of the incident, citing fear of copycat crime.[9] For example, Baidu's Zhidao page on the incident was taken down.[10]

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