Yonie Wondernose

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Yonie Wondernose
Author Marguerite de Angeli
Language English
Publisher Doubleday Doran
Publication date
Pages 48
ISBN 0-8361-9083-1

Yonie Wondernose is a 1944 picture book by Marguerite de Angeli, who would later win the Newbery Medal for The Door in the Wall. Sometimes described as an "Amish Curious George", the book was to win the Caldecott Honor citation. As with many of de Angeli's books, it was how she expressed her interest in little-known and prejudged people. This was the second book she wrote about the Amish community, the first being Henner's Lydia.

Described as a "wondernose" because he's so curious, seven-year-old Yonie has to become the man of the house when his parents go away.


Yonie is a little boy who was left alone with his grandmother. His father gave him the responsibility to take care of the animals in the farm. The things he had to do was supply water and getting wood for his grandmother. His father gave him the responsibility of a man and not be wondernose or get distracted. Later on in the story lightening strikes the barn and starts a fire. Yonie figures how to save all the animals, in which he did and proved to his father he is a man by saving the animals.