Yoo Ha

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Yoo Ha
Born Kim Young-joon
(1963-02-09) February 9, 1963 (age 54)
Gochang, North Jeolla, South Korea
Nationality  South Korea
Other names Yoo Ha,
Yu Ha
Education BA, MA
Alma mater Dongguk University,
Sejong University
Occupation Film director,
Years active 1988 - present
Korean name
Revised Romanization Yu Ha
McCune–Reischauer Yu Ha
Birth name
Revised Romanization Gim Yeong-jun
McCune–Reischauer Kim Yŏng-jun

Yoo Ha (Hangul유하; or spelled Yu Ha; born February 9, 1963) is a South Korean film director, screenwriter and a contemporary poet. He directed the critically acclaimed films Marriage Is a Crazy Thing (2002), Once Upon a Time in High School (2004), and A Dirty Carnival (2006). The latter is a gangster movie with allusions to Martin Scorsese films like Gangs of New York, Mean Streets and Goodfellas.[7]



Poetry collection[edit]

  • It's Sunshining Mind to Him Who Is Leaving (Korean: 떠나는 그대 눈부신 명상입니다; 1990). Tree of Books. OCLC 30512330.
  • We Must Go to Apgujeong-dong on Windy Days (Korean: 바람 부는 날이면 압구정동에 가야 한다; 1991). Literature & Wisdom. OCLC 28851004.
  • There Are No Ugly Brides (Korean: 안 이쁜 신부도 있나 뭐; 1991). Segye-sa. ISBN 978-89-338-1017-0.
  • Moorim Diary (Korean: 무림 일기; 1994). JoongAng M&B. OCLC 814879354.
  • Love of the Sewoon Shopping Mall's Kid (Korean: 세운 상가 키드의 사랑; 1995). Literature & Wisdom. ISBN 978-89-320-0770-0.
  • Contributing to the Bruce Lee's Generation (Korean: 이소룡 세대에 바친다; 1995). Town of Literature. ISBN 978-89-85712-74-3.
  • My Love Was Lightweight Like a Butterfly (Korean: 나의 사랑은 나비처럼 가벼웠다; 1999). Yeolimwon. ISBN 978-89-7063-184-4.
  • The Thousand Days' Story About Horses (Korean: 천일 마화; 2000). Literature & Wisdom. ISBN 978-89-320-1207-0.
  • Whole Dinner of the World (Korean: 세상의 모든 저녁; 2007). Mineum-sa. ISBN 978-89-374-0556-3.


  • How to Appreciate Jazz Music Interestingly (Korean: 재즈를 재미있게 듣는 법; 1999). The Golden Branch. ISBN 978-89-8273-095-5.

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