Yoo Ha-na

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Yoo Ha-na
Yoo Ha-na

(1986-03-22) March 22, 1986 (age 33)
Years active2007–present
Spouse(s)Lee Yong-kyu (m. 2011–present)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationYu Ha-na
McCune–ReischauerYu Ha-na

Yoo Ha-na (born March 22, 1986) is a South Korean actress. She has starred alongside Jimmy Lin in the Taiwanese TV drama series My Lucky Star, and has also appeared in the music video for "White Windmill" by Taiwanese singer Jay Chou.

Personal life[edit]

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Yoo Ha-na originally got her start in the entertainment business by posing for pictures in various magazines in South Korea. One of Yoo's photos caught the eye of Chen Yu-shan (producer for the Taiwanese drama My Lucky Star) from a magazine she picked up while at a beauty salon. Chen made arrangements afterwards with Yoo's agent to fly Yoo from South Korea to Taiwan to audition for My Lucky Star, which landed Yoo the lead female role in that drama. At the time, Yoo had already appeared in the music video "White Windmill" for Taiwanese singer Jay Chou.[1]

Yoo went on to appear in a few Taiwanese films such as Exit No. 6 before returning to South Korea, where she starred in TV dramas such as My Too Perfect Sons, First Wives' Club, and Paradise Ranch.

On December 17, 2011, Yoo married professional baseball player Lee Yong-kyu. She delivered a 3 kg son on September 2013. Her agency announced that she decided to suspend her acting career for the time being to focus on raising her son and taking care of her family.



Year Title Role Network Notes With
2007 My Lucky Star Xia Zhi Xing "Ah Xing" TTV Lead Role Jimmy Lin
First Wives Club Choi Hyun-sil SBS Supporting Role Lee Joon-hyuk
2009 My Too Perfect Sons Oh Eun-ji KBS2 Main Cast N/A
2011 Paradise Ranch Park Jin-young SBS Main Cast None
Lie to Me Herself/Cameo SBS Guest None


Year Title Role Film Production Notes With
2004 Wo Ye Hui Lai Le N/A N/A N/A N/A
2006 Exit No. 6 Fion Jumpboys Films Main Cast None


Musical theatre[edit]


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