Yoo Se-yoon

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Yoo Se-yoon
Yu Se-yun from acrofan cropped.jpg
Born (1980-09-12) September 12, 1980 (age 36)
Nationality South Korea
Years active 2004–present
Spouse Hwang Gyeong-hui
Website yooseyoon.com
Yoo Se-yoon
Hangul 유세윤
Hanja 兪世潤
Revised Romanization Yu Se-yun
McCune–Reischauer Yu Se-yun

Yoo Se-yoon (born September 12, 1980) is a South Korean comedian and television comedy show host. He hosts and co-hosts a variety of shows, in addition to being a part of musical/comedic duo, UV.[1][2] Yoo has been a part of shows such as South Korean talk show Non-Summit, Witch Hunt (South Korean TV series), SNL Korea, South Korean talk show Golden Fishery as well as its segments, Knee Drop Guru and Radio Star.[3]


Music (UV)[edit]

UV is a hip hop musical/comedic duo consisting of Yoo and hip-hop artist Muzie/Muzi from High Syde.[4] They are known for creating music with comedic lyrics and only promote their work through their own show on South Korean music channel, Mnet (TV channel) titled "UV Syndrome".[2][5]

UV debuted in 2010 with "No Cool, I'm Sorry", a song that depicts a break up between two lovers in a comical light. In later works, they created parodies including "Itaewon Freedom" featuring CEO of JYP Entertainment/musician Park Jin-young, and "Who am I" based on The Beatles.[6] The music video of "Convenience", also released in 2010, featured characters and artwork from Welcome to Convenience Store.[7]

In 2011, UV performed in the New Year festivities to welcome Year 2012 at Times Square (Seoul).[8]

In August 2013, UV released EP "It Can't Be True". This release marked the return of Yoo to the entertainment industry after voluntarily surrendering to police for driving under the influence in May 2013.[9]

UV performed on and had writing credits for several songs on the 'Original Motion Picture Soundtrack' of 2014 Korean movie 플랜맨 (The Plan Man).[10]

Music (Solo)[edit]

Occasionally, Yoo releases musical parodies on various aspects of pop culture such as his second EP titled "Kkattalk" which makes fun of the South Korean instant messaging service KakaoTalk.[11]


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