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Yoon Sang
Born (1968-05-11) May 11, 1968 (age 50)
Seoul, South Korea
  • Composer
  • record producer
  • singer-songwriter
  • professor
Years active 1987–present
Associated acts OnePiece
Website http://www.yoonsang.net/
Korean name
Hangul 윤상
Revised Romanization Yun Sang
McCune–Reischauer Yun Sang
Birth name
Hangul 이윤상
Revised Romanization I Yun-sang
McCune–Reischauer Yi Yunsang

Lee Yoon-sang (Hangul이윤상; born May 11, 1968), known professionally as Yoon Sang, is a South Korean composer, record producer, singer and songwriter.[1] He currently serves as a contemporary music professor at Sungshin Women's University.[2]

Music career[edit]

Lee began his musical career as a bassist in a band supporting pop singer Kim Wan-sun. He received an offer for a solo debut from Kim Kwangsoo, now head of MBK Entertainment, in 1990 and released an album incorporating synthpop elements entitled Vol.1 to commercial success. The title song, "가려진 시간 사이로 (Between The Hidden Time / Between the Veiled Times)" was especially popular.[3][4] Vol.1 was followed with Vol.2 Part 1 in 1991 and Vol.2 Part 2 in 1993. Vol.2 was the more avant-garde and experimental of the two albums but still found commercial success.

Lee's third album release, Renacimiento in 1996, consists of remakes of songs from his previous albums sung by French, Italian and American vocals with redone lyrics. Renacimiento was one of the first mainstream albums in Korea incorporating the world music genre and was also popular.[5] Yoon Sang also released a techno album entitled Golden Hits as part of the music collaborative project "NoDance" with rock artist Shin Hae-chul.[6]

After releasing 移徙 이사 (Migration) in 2002, Yoon Sang worked on composing and lyric-writing for SM Entertainment, penning songs for BoA and TVXQ, among other artists. In 2003 he released There Is A Man..., his fifth album, which incorporated rap, Latin, and electronic dance music. A track from that album entitled "길은 계속된다 (The road continues)" also incorporated glitch music. In 2008, Lee released a tribute album called YOONSANG SONGBOOK : Play With Him! with covers by many Korean groups, including electronic duo Peppertones and rock band My Aunt Mary (마이앤트메리).

In 2009, Lee released an eponymous glitch-focused album as part of project group called "mo:tet (모텟)" with fellow Korean musicians Kayip and Superdrive. The group was formed while Lee spent two semesters at the NYU School of Music Technology.[7] Both Kayip (카입) and Superdrive (슈퍼드라이브) were experienced with electronic and IDM-focused music and Lee wanted to expand awareness of these types of music domestically. They finished producing the record by sending files over email and MySpace and held a showcase for the album at Hongik University.[8][9]

In 2015 Yoon Sang participated in the Infinite Challenge Music Festival and was partnered with cast member Jeong Jun-ha.[10]


Album information Track listing
Vol.1 (윤상 1집)
Track listing

  1. 이별의 그늘
  2. 잊혀진 것들
  3. 행복을 기다리며
  4. 무지개 너머
  5. 남겨진 이야기
  6. 알 수 없는 일
  7. 한 걸음 더
  8. 시간의 얼굴
Vol.2 Part 1 (윤상 2 (PART 1))
  • Album
  • Released: July 30, 1992
  • Label: Jigu Records
Track listing
  1. 그래도 안녕
  2. 가려진 시간 사이로
  3. 너에게
  4. 넌 쉽게 말했지만
  5. 마지막 내게
  6. 끝으로 향한 이야기
  7. 다시 얘기를 해줘
  8. 나의 꿈속에서
Vol.2 Part 2 (윤상 2 (PART 2))
  • Album
  • Released: 1993
  • Label: Jigu Records
Track listing
  1. 새벽
  2. 이별 없던 세상
  3. 少年
  4. 3月부터 3月까지
  5. Alone
  6. Amen
  7. 고백
  8. 후회
  9. Communication
  10. 어제의 기억으로
Renacimiento (ko:Renacimiento)
  • EP
  • Released: 1996
  • Label: Jigu Records
Track listing
  1. Eco
  2. 노래 1 – 벽
  3. Joined By The Heart
  4. DomaniPiove
  5. I Giorni Della Musica
  6. S’Aimer En Silence
  7. Avec Toi
  8. TantQu’Elle Est La…
  9. 노래 2 – 배반
Golden Hits (골든힛트) as NoDance (노땐스) with Shin Hae-chul
  • Collaboration Album
  • Released: October 1996
  • Label: King Records (킹레코드)
Track listing
  1. In the Name of Justice
  2. 질주
  3. 자장가
  4. 월광 / Moon Madness
  5. 기도 (Radio Edit)
  6. 반격
  7. Drive
  8. 달리기
  9. 기도 (Original Version)
  10. 시장에가면 (참 건전한 가요)
Insensible (ko:Insensible)
  • EP
  • Released: April 1998
  • Label: DMR, Dream Factory
Track listing
  1. 언제나 그랬듯이
  2. 마지막 거짓말
  3. 악몽
  4. 기념사진
  5. 마지막 거짓말 (Mk’s Version)
  6. Insensible
Cliche (ko:CLICHÈ)
  • Album
  • Released: June 2000
  • Label: DMR, Dream Factory
Track listing
  1. 결국… 흔해 빠진 사랑얘기
  2. 문득 친구에서
  3. 우연히 파리에서
  4. Back to the Real Life
  5. 사랑이란
  6. 나를 친구라고 부르는 너에게
  7. 어쩌면 너를
  8. 바람에게
  9. City Life
  10. 내일은 내일
  11. Back to the Real Life (Remix)
Yoon Sang Best (ko:Yoon Sang Best)
  • Compilation Album
  • Released: 2001
  • Label: Jigu Records
Track listing
  1. 이별의그늘
  2. 한걸음더
  3. 행복을기다리며
  4. 가려진시간사이로
  5. 넌쉽게말했지만
  6. 너에게
  7. 나의꿈속에서
  8. 새벽
  9. 후회
  10. 배반
  11. 달리기
  12. 마지막거짓말
  13. 악몽
  14. 사랑이란
  15. 바람에게
  16. Back To The Real Life
  17. 여름밤의꿈
Migration (이사 or 移徙)
Track listing
  1. Intro
  2. 소리
  3. 이사 移徙
  4. Repeat
  5. A Fairy Tale
  6. 사랑하오
  7. Runner’s High
  8. 재회
  9. El Camino
  10. 소월에게 묻기를…
  11. Ni VolasInterparoli
There Is A Man... (ko:There Is A Man...)
Track listing
  1. Introduction to a Man
  2. 근심가 (featuring 신예원)
  3. Good Old Love Song : Side A
  4. 우화
  5. 어떤 사람 A
  6. 예감
  7. 작은세상
  8. 너희들 것이니까
  9. Good Old Love Song : Side B
  10. Man! What a Selfish Kid…
  11. 길은 계속된다
  12. Sueño, tuvoz…
  13. 근심가
  14. 한남자에관한우화


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