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"Yora language" redirects here. For the Australian languages named Yor, see Yuin–Kuric languages.
Native to Peru, Bolivia, Brazil
Ethnicity Yaminawá and related peoples
Native speakers
3,100 (2000–2011)[1]
including an est. 400 uncontacted (2007)[1]
  • Mainline Panoan
    • Nawa
      • Headwaters
        • Yaminawa
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
yaa – Yaminawa
ywn – Yawanawa
mcd – Sharanawa
swo – Shaninawa
mts – Yora
Glottolog yami1255[2]

Yaminawa (Yaminahua) is a Panoan language of western Amazonia.

Yaminawa constitutes an extensive dialect cluster. Attested dialects are[3] two or more Brazilian Yaminawa dialects, Peruvian Yaminawa, Chaninawa, Chitonawa, Mastanawa, Parkenawa (= Yora or "Nawa"), Shanenawa (Xaninaua, = Katukina de Feijó), Sharanawa (= Marinawa), Shawannawa (= Arara), Yawanawa, Yaminawa-arara (obsolescent; very similar to Shawannawa/Arara), Nehanawa)

Very few Yaminawá people speak Spanish or Portuguese, though the Shanenawa have mostly shifted to Portuguese.[4]


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