York Energy Centre

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York Energy Centre
York Energy Centre is located in Southern Ontario
York Energy Centre
Location of the York Energy Centre in southern Ontario
Country Canada
Location King, Ontario
Coordinates 44°04′32″N 79°31′54″W / 44.07556°N 79.53167°W / 44.07556; -79.53167Coordinates: 44°04′32″N 79°31′54″W / 44.07556°N 79.53167°W / 44.07556; -79.53167[1]
Status Operational
Owner(s) York Energy Centre LP
Thermal power station
Primary fuel natural gas
Power generation
Units operational 2
Make and model Siemens
Nameplate capacity 393.0 MW

York Energy Centre is a power station owned by York Energy Centre LP situated on a 5-acre lot in King, Ontario, Canada. This Simple Cycle natural gas plant is fed from Enbridge’s Schomberg Gate Station via 16 inch diameter pipeline.[2] It is primarily used as a peaking power plant, and is planned to operate 260 to 1,300 hours annually. The station is connected to the Holland Landing Transformer Station and further to Hydro One via 230kv lines on circuit numbers B82V and B83V[3]


The plant consists of:

  • two Siemens SGT6-PAC 5000F combustion turbines

The plant is a simple cycle plant; there are no boilers or steam utilized onsite. The plant connects to Hydro One's 230kV electricity grid at B82 & B83 located between the Holland Marsh & Brownhill TS


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