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York Region District School Board
York Region District School Board Logo.svg
Entrance to York Region District School Board headquarters in Aurora
Aurora, Ontario
Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Whitchurch-Stouffville
District information
Chair of the boardCorrie McBain
Director of educationLouise Sirisko
Schools208 Total
(33 Secondary, 175 Elementary)[1][2]
BudgetCA$1,335.7[3] million (2014-2015)
District IDB66095
Other information
Elected trusteesPeter Adams-Luchowski (Aurora and King)
Loralea Carruthers (East Gwillimbury and Whitchurch-Stouffville)
Cynthia Cordova (Georgina)
Billy Pang (Markham, Wards 2, 3 & 6)
Susan Geller (Vaughan, Ward 5 and (Markham, Ward 1)
Allan Tam (Markham, 4 & 5)
Juanita Nathan (Markham, Wards 7 & 8)
Martin Van Beek (Newmarket)
Corrie McBain (Richmond Hill, Wards 1, 2, & 4)
Carol Chan (Richmond Hill, Wards 3, 5, & 6)
Anna DeBartolo (Vaughan, Wards 1 & 2)
Linda Aversa (Vaughan, Wards 3 & 4)
Student trusteesMingze Hong
Stephanie Rico
WebsiteYork Region District School Board

The York Region District School Board (YRDSB) is the English-language public school board for York Regional Municipality in Ontario, Canada. The York Region District School Board is the province's third largest school board, with an enrollment of over 122,000 students.[4] It is in the fastest-growing census division in Ontario and the third fastest growing in Canada.[4]

The public francophone (Conseil scolaire Viamonde), English Catholic (York Catholic District School Board), and French Catholic (Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud) communities of York Region also have their own publicly funded school boards and schools that operate in the same area.


The school board has been referred to as "English-language Public District School Board No. 16" in Ontario legislation prior to 1999.[5] It was officially known as the York Region Board of Education until it changed its name in 1998 to York Region District School Board.[6] Prior to 1971 it was called York County School Board.


The YRDSB is governed by an elected board of trustees, whose election coincides with the municipal elections in Ontario held throughout the province every four years. The Board consists of 12 trustees, divided amongst the constituent municipalities based on population. Two student trustees are elected by the York Region Presidents' Council every school year (since 2004), which is made up of the 33 Student Council Presidents of all the secondary schools in York Region.[7] The student trustees facilitate communication between students and the school board.[7] The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board are chosen by secret ballot of the trustees at the inaugural meeting in December.[8]

For day-to-day operations the most senior staff member of the board is the Director of Education, to whom the Associate Director and all of the Superintendents report. The Director of Education is Louise Sirisko (appointed January 2018).


Besides the curriculum established by the Government of Ontario, the York Region District School Board places heavy emphasis on its Character Matters program. As well, due to the multicultural nature, and large immigrant population of students under the YRDSB, the Board established the Race Relations Advisory Committee, a standing committee of the board to advise the trustees on issues related to ethnocultural relations. The committee is made up of trustees, staff, community members and students.


The school board is divided into four Community Education Centres (North, Central, East and West).[9] The centres represent communities as follows:

The school board teaches approximately 70 000 elementary and 40 000 secondary school students.

Secondary schools[edit]

The school board currently manages 33 facilities that provide secondary education.[1]

Name Location Founded Enrolment[10] Notes
ACCESS Program Jefferson Community Learning Centre Richmond Hill 26 Alternative school
Alexander Mackenzie High School Richmond Hill 1969 1078 Arts specialized school, International Baccalaureate school (as of 2017)[11]
Aurora High School Aurora 1972 1356 French Immersion school
Bayview Secondary School Richmond Hill 1960 1805 International Baccalaureate school
Bill Crothers Secondary School Markham 2008 1493 Athletics focused
Bill Hogarth Secondary School Markham 2017 423
Bur Oak Secondary School Markham 2007 1581
Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School Aurora 1888 763 Relocation to Bayview Ave. Scheduled for Sept. 2023
Dr. John M. Denison Secondary School Newmarket 1989 843
Emily Carr Secondary School Vaughan 2003 1653
Huron Heights Secondary School Newmarket 1962 1213 Arts specialized school
Keswick High School Georgina 2000 894
King City Secondary School King Township 1961 991 French immersion program to begin in September 2019
Langstaff Secondary School Richmond Hill 1964 872 French Immersion school
Maple High School Maple 2002 1266 International Baccalaureate school (as of 2017)
Markham District High School Markham 1953 1567 Offers gifted education, Advanced Placement Program

Semestered as of September 2016

Markville Secondary School Markham 1990 1424 Offers gifted education, Advanced Placement Program, SHSM
Middlefield Collegiate Institute Markham 1992 1396 Offers the Advanced Placement Program
Milliken Mills High School Markham 1988 999 International Baccalaureate school (as of 2017)
Newmarket High School Newmarket 1843 1354 Offers gifted education & French immersion
Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School Markham 2002 1889 French immersion school
Richmond Green Secondary School Richmond Hill 2005 1224
Richmond Hill High School Richmond Hill 1851 1704 Offers gifted education, Advanced Placement Program, SHSM
Sir William Mulock Secondary School Newmarket 2001 1268 Offers blended learning and SHSM
Stephen Lewis Secondary School Vaughan 2006 1439
Stouffville District Secondary School Whitchurch-Stouffville 1954 1209
Sutton District High School Georgina 1956 500
Thornhill Secondary School Thornhill 1955 1065 Offers gifted education
Thornlea Secondary School Thornhill 1968 909 Offers French Immersion Program and Pre-AP and Advanced Placement Programs.
Tommy Douglas Secondary School Vaughan 2015 1273 Only grade 9 and 10 in its first year
Unionville High School Markham 1985 1524 Offers a Arts specialized program[12] and SHSM in arts & culture or business.[13]
Vaughan Secondary School Vaughan 1989 1120 French Immersion school
Westmount Collegiate Institute Vaughan 1995 1359 Arts specialized school
Woodbridge College Vaughan 1958 516

Elementary/Intermediate schools[edit]

The school board currently manages 175 facilities which provides elementary education.[2]


  • Aurora Grove P.S.
  • Aurora Heights P.S.
  • Aurora Senior P.S (now Wellington P.S)
  • Devins Drive P.S
  • George Street P.S.(now Wellington P.S)
  • Hartman P.S.[14]
  • Highview P.S.
  • Lester B. Pearson P.S.
  • Northern Lights P.S.
  • Regency Acres P.S.
  • Rick Hansen P.S
  • Wells Street P.S.
  • Wellington P.S (Formerly Aurora Senior P.S)
  • Unnamed E.S. (Hartwell Way)

East Gwillimbury

Queensville Public School
  • Holland Landing P.S.
  • Mount Albert P.S.
  • Park Avenue P.S.
  • Queensville P.S.
  • Robert Munsch P.S. (in Mount Albert)
  • Sharon Public School
  • Phoebe Gilman Public School


  • Black River P.S.
  • Deer Park P.S.
  • Fairwood P.S.
  • Georgina Island Building
  • Jersey P.S. (JK-8)
  • Keswick P.S.
  • Lake Simcoe P.S.
  • Lakeside P.S.
  • Morning Glory P.S.
  • R.L. Graham P.S.
  • Sutton P.S.
  • W.J. Watson P.S.


  • Kettleby P.S.
  • King City P.S.
  • Nobleton Junior P.S.
  • Nobleton Senior P.S.
  • Schomberg P.S.


  • Aldergrove P.S.
  • Armadale P.S.
  • Ashton Meadows P.S.
  • Baythorn P.S.
  • Bayview Fairways P.S.
  • Bayview Glen P.S.
  • Black Walnut P.S.
  • Boxwood P.S.
  • Buttonville P.S.
  • Castlemore P.S.
  • Cedarwood P.S.
  • Central Park P.S.
  • Coledale P.S.
  • Coppard Glen P.S.
  • Cornell Village P.S.
  • David Suzuki P.S.
  • Donald Cousens P.S.
  • E.J. Sand P.S.
  • Edward T. Crowle P.S.
  • Ellen Fairclough P.S.
  • Franklin Street P.S. (originally Markham Village P.S. or Markham P. S. c. 1886)
  • German Mills P.S.
  • Greensborough P.S.
  • Henderson Avenue P.S.
  • Highgate P.S.
  • James Robinson P.S.
  • John McCrae P.S.
  • Johnsview Village P.S.
  • Legacy P.S.
  • Lincoln Alexander P.S.
  • Little Rouge P.S.
  • Markham Gateway P.S.
  • Milliken Mills P.S.
  • Mount Joy P.S.
  • Parkland P.S.
  • Parkview P.S.
  • Ramer Wood P.S.
  • Randall P.S.
  • Reesor Park P.S.
  • Roy H. Crosby P.S.
  • Sam Chapman P.S.
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier P.S.
  • Sir John A. Macdonald P.S.
  • Stonebridge P.S.
  • Stornoway Crescent P.S.
  • Unionville Meadows P.S.
  • Unionville P.S.
  • Unnamed ES (Angus Glen)
  • Unnamed ES (Berczy Southwest)
  • Unnamed ES (Greensborough #3)
  • Unnamed ES (Wismer #4 Southwest)
  • Wilclay P.S.
  • William Armstrong P.S.
  • William Berczy P.S.
  • Willowbrook P.S.
  • Wismer P.S.
  • Woodland P.S.


  • Alexander Muir P.S.
  • Armitage Village P.S.
  • Bogart P.S.
  • Clearmeadow P.S.
  • Crossland P.S.
  • Denne P.S.
  • Glen Cedar P.S.
  • J.L.R. Bell P.S.
  • Maple Leaf P.S.
  • Mazo de la Roche P.S.
  • Meadowbrook P.S.
  • Poplar Bank P.S.
  • Prince Charles P.S.
  • Rogers P.S.
  • Stonehaven E.S.
  • Stuart Scott P.S.
  • Terry Fox P.S.
  • Unnamed ES (Newmarket Southeast)

Richmond Hill

  • Adrienne Clarkson P.S.
  • Bayview Hill E.S.
  • Beverley Acres P.S.
  • Charles Howitt P.S.
  • Crosby Heights P.S.
  • Doncrest P.S.
  • Frank Puskas P.S.
  • H.G. Bernard P.S.
  • Kettle Lakes P.S.
  • Lake Wilcox P.S.
  • MacLeod's Landing P.S.
  • Michaëlle Jean P.S.
  • Moraine Hills P.S.
  • O.M. MacKillop P.S.
  • Oak Ridges P.S.
  • Pleasantville P.S.
  • Red Maple P.S.
  • Redstone P.S.
  • Richmond Rose P.S.
  • Roselawn P.S.
  • Ross Doan P.S.
  • Silver Pines P.S.
  • Silver Stream P.S.
  • Sixteenth Avenue P.S.
  • Tom Needham P.S.
  • Trillium Woods P.S.
  • Unnamed ES (Oak Ridges East #1)
  • Unnamed ES (Oak Ridges East #3)
  • Unnamed ES (Oak Ridges West #2)
  • Walter Scott P.S.
  • Windham Ridge P.S.


  • Anne Frank P.S.
  • Bakersfield P.S.
  • Blue Willow P.S.
  • Brownridge P.S.
  • Carrville Mills P.S.
  • Charlton P.S.
  • Discovery P.S.
  • Dr. Roberta Bondar P.S.
  • Elder's Mills P.S.
  • Forest Run Public School
  • Fossil Hill Public School
  • Glen Shields P.S.
  • Glen Gould P.S.
  • Joseph A. Gibson P.S.
  • Julliard P.S.
  • Kleinburg P.S.
  • Lorna Jackson P.S.
  • Louis-Honore Frechette P.S.
  • Mackenzie Glen P.S.
  • Maple Creek P.S.
  • Michael Cranny E.S.
  • Pierre Berton P.S.
  • Pine Grove P.S.
  • Roméo Dallaire P.S.
  • Rosedale Heights P.S.
  • Teston Village P.S.
  • Thornhill P.S.
  • Thornhill Woods P.S.
  • Unnamed ES (Block 11 North)
  • Unnamed ES (Block 11 South)
  • Unnamed ES (Block 11 #3)
  • Unnamed ES (Block 12 South)
  • Unnamed ES (Block 18 North)
  • Unnamed ES (Block 39 West)
  • Unnamed ES (Block 40)
  • Vellore Woods Public School
  • Ventura Park P.S.
  • Westminster P.S.
  • Wilshire E.S.
  • Woodbridge P.S.
  • Yorkhill E.S.


  • Ballantrae P.S.
  • Barbara Reid P.S.
  • Glad Park P.S. (accepted students from Dickson Hill P.S. in Markham in September 2002[15])
  • Harry Bowes P.S.
  • Oscar Peterson P.S.
  • Summitview P.S.
  • Wendat Village P.S.
  • Whitchurch Highlands P.S.

Georgina Island[edit]

YRDSB provides assistance to Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation and serves the schooling needs for students in grades 7 to 11.

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