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York Lions

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York Lions
UniversityYork University
AssociationU Sports
ConferenceOntario University Athletics
Athletic directorAlex Dominato
LocationToronto, Ontario
Varsity teams9 men, 9 women
Football stadiumAlumni Field
ArenaCanlan Ice Sports – York
Tennis courtSobeys Stadium
Other venuesTait McKenzie Centre, Toronto Track and Field Centre, York Lions Stadium
ColoursRed, White, and Black

The York Lions is the official name for the athletic varsity teams that represent York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The university's varsity teams compete in the Ontario University Athletics conference of U Sports and, where applicable, in the east division. The Lion's logo features a red lion from the school's logo with the university's colours, red and white.

York's former teams were known as the York Yeomen and York Yeowomen, but changed their name to the gender-neutral Lions in 2003.[1]

Interuniversity sport teams


Lions football


The York Lions football team has been in operation since 1968 and currently compete in the 11-team Ontario University Athletics conference. The program is one of two in U Sports football to have never won a conference championship. Frank Cosentino was Professor, Chair  and Athletic director from 1976 to 1980 - after two years of losses in '76 and '77 with Dick Aldridge as head coach. Cosentino, who had a football background, moved to York from Western where he suggested that he would coach for three years in the hope that he could see where things might need to be changed - they had a 12 and 12 season. Cosentino stepped down in 1980 from Chair of PE, and Dave Pickett took over as coach. Stu Robbins became Chair of PE and asked Cosentino to get involved in football again. Robbins suggested that Cosentino be named Head Coach. Again the Yeomen had 12 wins and12 losses. Cosentino's total years coaching Football at York includes 78, 79, 80 ...84,85,86,87.  The team's associate head coaches since the 2023 season are Brian Jones and Nathaniel Griffith.[2]

Men's road playoff game vs. Windsor Lancers February 16, 2012.

Lions men's ice hockey


The York Lions men's ice hockey team competes in the 20-team Ontario University Athletics conference. The team has won three national championships in 1985, 1988, and 1989.[3] The program has also yielded seven Queen's Cup conference championships, most recently in 2017.[3] The team's head coach has been Russ Herrington since 2017.

Lions women's ice hockey


The York Lions women's ice hockey team competes in the 13-team Ontario University Athletics conference. The team's head coach is Dan Church, who has been in that position since 2004 and is the longest-serving active head coach at York. The team was won three McCaw Cup conference championships, coming in 1983, 1987, and 1997.[3][4]

York Lions at the Tait McKenzie Centre.

Lions men's soccer


The York Lions men's soccer team has won five U Sports national championships and seven OUA conference championships.[3] Since the hiring of head coach Carmine Isacco in 2007, the Lions have won six of these conference championships (2007, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018) and four national championships (2008, 2010, 2014, 2015). The Lions' 2008 U Sports championship was York's first national championship in any sport in 18 years, and their first soccer championship since 1977.[5] Playing for the Lions, in 2010 Alon Badat was named a U Sports Championship All Star, and the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) West Rookie of the Year, and in 2011 he was a First-Team OUA All-Star.[6][7] The team currently competes in the 18-team Ontario University Athletics conference.

Lions women's soccer


The York Lions women's soccer team currently competes in the 19-team Ontario University Athletics conference. The program has had four conference championship winners, coming in 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2019.[3] Carmine Isacco has been the team's head coach since 2012.[8]

Lions men's volleyball


The York Lions men's volleyball team currently competes in the 13-team Ontario University Athletics conference. The program has featured 13 conference championship winners, most recently in 2005.[3] The highest that the team has finished in the national championship tournament was a second-place finish in 1974.[9][10] Jordan Taylor was named the team's head coach on July 21, 2023.[11]

Lions women's volleyball


The York Lions women's volleyball team currently competes in the 14-team Ontario University Athletics conference. The program has had a school-record 15 conference championships with the most recent occurring 2009.[3] In the national championship tournament, the Lions have won five bronze medals, most recently in 1991.[12] The team has been led by head coach Jennifer Neilson since 2018.[13]

International competition


This is an incomplete list

Awards and honours

  • Lauren Golding, U Sports Athlete of the Month, January 2020[16]

Athletes of the Year


This is an incomplete list

Year Female Athlete Sport Male Athlete Sport
2009-10 [17] Heather Hamilton Track & Field Tyrone Halstead Track & Field
2010-11[18] Effie Petrou Field Hockey Adrian Pena Soccer
2011-12 [19] Melissa Humana-Paredes Volleyball Dontae Richards-Kwok Track & Field
2012-13 [20] Cynthia Appiah Track & Field David McKay Track & Field
2013-14[21] Khamica Bingham Track & Field Dontae Richards-Kwok Track & Field
2014-15 [22] Brittany Crew Track & Field Jarek Whiteman Soccer
2015-16[23] Brittany Crew Track & Field Michael Cox Soccer
2016-17 [24] Holly Pitters Track & Field Jonathan Lao Soccer
2017-18 [25] Holly Pitters Track & Field Kayden Johnson Track & Field
2018-19 [26] Brittany Crew Track & Field Pierce Lepage Track & Field
2019-20 [27] Teni Odetoyinbo Soccer Daniel Gleason Track & Field
2020-21 Not Awarded (COVID-19 Pandemic)
2021-22 [28] Leah Jones Track & Field Dieu Merci Yuma Soccer
2022-23 [29] Jotam Chouhan Soccer Soji Olatoye Soccer


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