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York University
TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg
York University Station Platform Level.jpg
Location120 Ian Macdonald Boulevard
Toronto, Ontario
Coordinates43°46′27″N 79°29′59″W / 43.77417°N 79.49972°W / 43.77417; -79.49972Coordinates: 43°46′27″N 79°29′59″W / 43.77417°N 79.49972°W / 43.77417; -79.49972
PlatformsCentre platform
Connections ZUM logo.svg  501  Queen
Structure typeUnderground
Disabled accessYes
ArchitectFoster + Partners
Architectural styleHigh-tech architecture
OpenedDecember 17, 2017 (2017-12-17)[1]
Passengers (2018[2])34,130
Preceding station   TTC   Following station
toward Vaughan
TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg Yonge–University
toward Finch

York University is a subway station on Line 1 Yonge–University of the Toronto subway. It is located on the main Keele Campus of York University, near Ian Macdonald and York Boulevards. The station opened on December 17, 2017.


York University station entrance building prior to the station's opening in November 2017

The official groundbreaking ceremony for the Toronto–York Spadina Subway Extension was held on November 27, 2009;[3] however, tunnelling operations did not commence until June 2011.[4] The project was initially expected to be completed by the spring of 2015 (which would have been in time for that summer's Pan Am Games) but was pushed later to the autumn of 2016,[5] it was announced on September 5, 2017, that the station would open officially on December 17, 2017.[6]

The first stage of construction for the station began in May 2011. On October 11, 2011, one of the geostructural drilling rigs on site collapsed and killed Kyle Knox, an operator working for a contractor on the project, Anchor Shoring. The incident injured five other workers.[7]

More than 1,400 Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) buses served the campus every weekday at the York University Bus Loop, in addition to hundreds more from other services including GO Transit, York Region Transit / Viva (YRT), Brampton Transit's Züm, and Greyhound. The arrival of the subway resulted in a reduced number of buses entering campus as the 196 York University Rocket bus route was eliminated and other routes such as the 195 Jane Rocket (now 935 Jane Express) and 199B Finch Rocket (now 939B Finch Express) were altered to service Pioneer Village station and Finch West station instead, leaving only the 41 Keele and 106 Sentinel routes servicing the university's grounds directly.[8] Züm buses still service the campus directly.


Artwork Piston Effect produces a lighting display when a train passes.

The station lies at the east end the Harry W. Arthurs Common on the west side of Ian MacDonald Boulevard.[9] The university's main buildings lie to the west; Seneca College's York campus is found to the south, and the Aviva Centre to the west. The station was built underground, lying on a northwest-southeast axis. The line approaches from Finch West station along Keele Street, then bends towards the northwest to meet the station.

Engineering Consultants Arup and Architecture firm Foster+Partners designed the station, which has a boomerang shape with entrances at the north and south ends of the structure. The north entrance contains stairs and escalators down to the concourse level and then more stairs to the fare gates. Besides stairs, the south entrance provides a barrier-free route consisting of an elevator to the concourse level plus a ramp to the fare gates.[9] Natural light flows through the concourse down to the platform level.[10] The station has a metal cool roof to reflect heat from sun rays.[11] Jason Bruges Studio provided the station artwork titled "Piston Effect" consisting of a series of glass panels on the west walls at concourse and above the northbound trainway. Behind the panels are liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that detect the passage of a train and then produce a lighting display in various tones of black and white.[12][13]

The fare-paid area features a Gateway Newstands kiosk.[14]

Fares sold and accepted[edit]

Concourse level and faregates

As with all stations from Lawrence West north to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, legacy TTC fare media (tokens and tickets) are accepted at this station pending elimination, but they cannot be purchased by passengers, who otherwise need to pay exact change for cash fares. Presto cards can be purchased and loaded with funds for single rides or a digital TTC monthly pass for unlimited travel, using various automated machines at the station.[15]

As of January 2019, some stores in the nearby York Lanes shopping centre sell legacy TTC fare media.

Surface connections[edit]

Toronto Transit Commission[edit]

Direct bus connections to the subway have been moved to Pioneer Village station and Finch West station to reduce bus congestion on campus, and there is no attached bus terminal at the station. Transfers are required to connect to surface routes on-street:

Route Name Additional Information
41 Keele Northbound to Pioneer Village station and southbound to Keele station
335 Jane Blue Night service, southbound to Jane station
341 Keele Blue Night service, southbound to Keele station
353 Steeles Blue Night service, eastbound to Staines Road

Regional transit[edit]

The York University Vivastation, which has since been removed after YRT moved its bus connections to Pioneer Village station on September 2, 2018

In 2018, all YRT bus services were moved to Pioneer Village station, and in 2019, GO Transit relocated its services to Highway 407 station.[16]

A memorandum of understanding between the TTC and YRT stated: "Upon commencement of revenue services operations of the [TYSSE], York Region agrees not to operate or permit the operation of public transit services directly onto the York University campus." However, this assumed the elimination of the double fare (YRT plus TTC fare) for those riding a YRT bus to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Highway 407, or Pioneer Village stations and continuing by subway to York University. The plan was to use a third party technology system to reimburse one of the two fares; though such a solution has not yet been implemented.[17][10] However, despite the continuing lack of fare integration, YRT stopped serving the campus after September 1, 2018, forcing passengers to walk from the Pioneer Village Terminal or pay a TTC fare to take the subway one stop to reach it.[18]

On January 7, 2019, GO Transit also ended service to the station, with buses connecting to the more distant Highway 407 station. However, there is a $1.50 fare discount for GO riders with Presto cards transferring to travel between the two stations.[19][20]

Brampton Transit (Züm)[edit]

The Züm stop on Ian Macdonald Blvd.

Two branches of the Züm Queen bus route serve the station from the now mostly-vacant regional bus loading area on Ian Macdonald Boulevard, about 200 metres north of the station entrance. It is now the sole non-TTC route serving the station and campus.

Route Name Additional Information
501A Züm Queen Westbound to Downtown Brampton Terminal
501C Westbound to Bramalea Terminal

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