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The Yorke Peninsula Field Days are three-day, biennial field days, held on a permanent site outside Paskeville on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. The Field Days have a major focus on agriculture.[1] The Field Days began in 1895 as a Field Trial of agricultural and horticultural implements.[2] The Yorke Peninsula Field Days are the oldest in Australia[3] and one of the biggest,[4] exhibiting millions of dollars' worth of farm machinery.[5]


In 1975 the current permanent site was established,[6] after 67 acres (0.27 km2) were purchased from Keith Lamming (35 acres (0.14 km2)/$8000) and Stan Norris (32 acres (0.13 km2)/$7040) for $15,040 in 1977.[2]

The original branches of the Agricultural Bureau of SA that formed the organising body of the Agricultural Field Trial Society organised the first Field Trial as it was known then, at Bute were: Arthurton, Bute, Nantawarra (Now South Hummocks), Paskeville, Pine Forest (no longer exists as an agricultural bureau) and Port Broughton, South Australia.[2]

In the past an event that was held, was Harvester Trials and it was only in 1973 did the Field Trials expand from one day to more. At the first field days held at the permanent site (1977), the previous South Australian Premier, Sir Thomas Playford, opened the Field Days.[2]

Permanent roads, and some permanent pavilions and sheds, have been built at the site, with the roads being named after the then current and past bureaus in the Yorke Peninsula Field Days Incorporated, in the intervening years of the 1977 and 1979 Field Days.[2]

Current setup[edit]

Nine local branches of the Agricultural Bureau of SA form the organising body of the Yorke Peninsula Field Days Incorporated and their members are totally responsible for the management and organisation of the field day. These bureaus are: Arthurton, Boors Plains, Bute, Cunliffe W.A.B., Moonta, Paskeville, Petersville, Snowtown and South Hummocks.[6]

The Field Days begin on a Tuesday in late September and finish the following Thursday, opening at 9 am and closing at 5 pm each day.[1][7]

Events that happen are held each year include Sheepdog trials, guest-speaker presentations, wool and sheep displays, including static displays and shearing demonstrations, and fashion parade and crafts and general interest products,[1][2][3][7][8] which were introduced to the Field Days by the Cunliffe Women's Agricultural Bureau.

There is a waiting list for exhibitors to get sites at the Field Days.[9]

An entrance fee is charged for entry.[1] Record crowds of 40,00 people gathered for the 2009 field days.[10]


  • 2007: 25 September – 27 September
  • 2009: 29 September – 1 October[11]
  • 2011: 27 September – 29 September[12]
  • 2013: 24 September - 26 September
  • 2015: 29 September – 1 October

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